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Jennifer Aniston Appears on InStyle, We Question Why Magazines Give Us the Same Old Cover Subjects (Forum Buzz)

Our favorite fashion magazines haven’t exactly been delivering the goods this month. We’ve seen the same old cover subjects, from Gwyneth Paltrow on Marie Claire to Miranda Kerr posing for Harper’s Bazaar, and now Jennifer Aniston is InStyle‘s newest cover girl. Fresh off the front of Allure‘s January issue and giving us the same smile and hairstyle, Jennifer sits before Michelangelo di Battista’s lens wearing a red dress styled by Melissa Rubini. Are you over seeing Jennifer on magazine covers?

US InStyle February 2015 Jennifer Aniston


Our forum members sure are, and weren’t afraid to let off some steam inside the InStyle – Worldwide thread. “Oh God, no…” proclaimed GlamorousBoy, who was left more than unimpressed.

“Yeah Aniston is on the cover. God, she and Paltrow are everywhere!” added Miss Dalloway.

Elisejeffery agreed, “Just received my February issue in the mail, so sick of seeing Jennifer on every magazine cover lately. Please go away, Jennifer.”

Srdjan, on the other hand, doesn’t mind Jennifer but disapproved of the cover nonetheless. “I actually like seeing Jennifer on (good) magazine covers, but she looks so bad here. The massive Photoshop makes her look so unnatural and irritating,” he voiced inside the thread.

How do you feel? Are magazines becoming too safe with their cover choices? Share your opinion inside the thread hereInStyle‘s February 2015 issue is available on newsstands now.