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Take a Chance on Chanel’s New Fragrance Campaign (Forum Buzz)

We can guarantee you’ll want to spend the weekend bowling once you’ve seen Chanel‘s latest campaign. To coincide with the unveiling of the brand’s latest Chance Eau Vive fragrance (consisting of grapefruit and blood orange accord with jasmine and white musk), Chanel has unveiled the print campaign alongside its wonderfully playful commercial, ahead of the scent’s release today. Chanel tapped Jean-Paul Goude to capture both the print and film campaigns with a fabulously entertaining result. French beauty Rianne van Rompeay strikes out as the face of the scent, playing the role perfectly while using the bottle as a bowling ball.

Chanel Chance Eau Vive Ad Campaign Rianne van Rompaey by Jean-Paul Goude


The campaign was a treat for our forum members. “OMG! A new Chance and the images are fabulous!” raved gazebo.

“Very original, finally something new!” admired Emmanuelle in agreement.

Also full of appreciation was dior_couture1245: “Jean-Paul Goude just makes the best and most charming fragrance ads. He is a genius! The commercial is fabulous!”

Forum member Darri couldn’t wait to add, “Goodness, what a fun, silly, brie candy coated commercial. Love it!”

“It’s very French and cute but I don’t like what they did to Rianne’s hair. Her normal hair looks so much more gorgeous. However, I’m glad that she landed this big campaign, so good for her,” applauded Nomar.

A different attitude soon found its way into the thread. “From what archive did they pull this? It’s very old-fashioned,” disapproved Nymphaea.

Gábor wasn’t feeling it either and informed, “It looks just as bad in print.”

Check out the thread here and meet us at the bowling alley!