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An Uncomfortable-Looking Renée Zellweger Makes a Surprise Appearance on UK Vogue (Forum Buzz)

We half expected to see Kim Kardashian on the cover of British Vogue‘s July 2016 offering since speculation was rife on our Cover Rumor Thread. But to our surprise, the magazine opted for Renée Zellweger, who is quite the contrast. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the 47-year-old actress sits on the magazine’s annual Ageless Style issue in a rather mumsy floral Prada dress and slouchy pose. 

UK Vogue July 2016 : Renée Zellweger by Patrick Demarchelier


Our forums weren’t afraid to call Vogue out on its various mishaps this month. “I know it’s because she’s promoting the new Bridget Jones, but it feels so random to see her on the cover,” pointed out an underwhelmed Srdjan.

“This looks really amateur,” said Nomar.

In agreement over how disappointing the cover turned out was YohjiAddict: “She looks so rough. I know we complain a lot about how middle-aged women end up looking like CGI characters when featured in fashion glossies however just a bit more makeup or maybe a smile would do wonders for this cover.”

“Love seeing Renée again but surprised Patrick missed the mark by so far with this image. She looks worried and tight-lipped. I know there had to be a better pic than this one,” expressed zoom.

Forum member jeffandtheworld wasn’t exactly jumping up and down, either. “This is really embarrassing. British Vogue is so awkward and uninteresting.”

“So happy to see her on the cover, but just wished she would have looked more relaxed. Maybe it’s been too long, but she looks very uncomfortable,” agreed justaguy.

“Interesting to see her on the cover…but could have been SO much better,” exclaimed a disapproving bluestar.

“Never been a fan of her on Vogue covers, and god knows she had many! But it’s actually nice to see her, shame it’s not better,” echoed Miss Dalloway.

Are you overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the cover? Voice your own opinion inside the thread here.