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Serena Williams Proves ‘Women Are Strong As Hell’ on Glamour’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

After an awkward cover last month featuring Emilia Clarke, Glamour‘s latest features someone who just oozes confidence and charm. Following a solo Vogue cover appearance back in April of last year, Serena Williams is a knockout in a white Wolford swimsuit and bomber jacket worn around her arms on the cover of the magazine’s July 2016 edition. Photographed by Norman Jean Roy, the tennis ace also poses for a series of photos to accompany the cover, with Serena showing off her incredible physique.

US Glamour July 2016 : Serena Williams by Norman Jean Roy


“It reminds me of her last Vogue cover. It also feels a bit… Cosmopolitan?” asked an uncertain MON the second the cover surfaced.

“I like it, though it’s heavily Photoshopped isn’t it?” questioned kokobombon.

Tigerrogue was also unwilling to give Glamour props: “I enjoy seeing Serena on covers, not just because of her achievements, but because of her strong and athletic figure. So it’s a shame to see a Kim K style cover-op going on, where clothing is draped over the lower body, as if there’s something we’re not supposed to see.”

KINGofVERSAILLES agreed, responding, “The jacket obscuring her hips is actually unflattering for her figure, if you ask me. If you’ve got a beautiful, strong, world-class athlete (and an Icon as far as I’m concerned) in a white leotard/one-piece bathing suit, don’t obscure her figure. That said, I like that they chose her for a cover and she looks pretty, happy, and confident.”

Vogue part deux? I think it looks better, and more confident than the original. It’s very brave of them to showcase her body like this. And all the cover lines (wow, there are actually just enough of it!) actually befits the image,” acknowledged a forthcoming Benn98.

Echoing the same positive attitude was Urban Stylin: “Stunning! The colors remind me of vintage Glamour covers.”

“No, a horrible cover!” fired back a horrified jal718.

In the same court was burbuja8910, writing, “She looks so horrible on the cover, I hate her pose.”

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