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FKA Twigs Resembles an Avatar on ELLE’s Disappointing August Cover (Forum Buzz)

There’s no doubt that ELLE has been stepping up its game of late. After all, it gave us a gorgeous Bella Hadid cover for June and spotlighted the cast of Ghostbusters last month. Therefore, we were surprised to see the questionable styling of FKA Twigs on the new August 2016 cover. Photographed by Paola Kudacki, our forum members appreciated the sight of someone out of the ordinary but weren’t impressed by David Vandewal’s use of Prada on the newsstand cover shot below.

US Elle August 2016 : FKA Twigs by Paola Kudacki


“The text is a mess, and she kind of looks like a CGI game character?” questioned an unimpressed t-rex, the moment the cover dropped just before the weekend.

“She looks like an Avatar,” replied AnaD sharing the same sentiments toward the cover.

In agreement was happycanadian: “She looks like a cartoon character. I’m not mad at her getting the cover – I think it’s fantastic. But, they’ve done wrong by her with this picture and this terrible layout.”

Also not buying it was Miss Dalloway, complaining, “What a terrible cover, wow! From text layout to that shot of her, nothing works. In fact this looks like one of their older covers; dated mess!”

“I don’t really care about her but the real reason I wouldn’t buy this is because of the text! Next to the text, then there’s smaller text and finally more text after that. The layout is horrible, I don’t care who is on the cover, this never works. What were they thinking, seriously?” asked a disgruntled KateTheGreatest.

ThatGuyPaul was left disappointed too, echoing, “This is why I said I don’t want to buy US ELLE. Dreadful layout. I think FKA Twigs is an interesting performer and would love to read about her but sadly she’s profiled on this magazine.”

“That is simply horrible,” declared jal718.

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