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Bella Hadid Just Dropped Her First Official Christian Dior Cosmetics Campaign

Christian Dior is certainly getting its money’s worth with Bella Hadid. Immediately after announcing back in May 2016 that Bella was the brand’s newest ambassador for Christian Dior Cosmetics, she became well affiliated with the iconic French fashion house. Having already starred in a handful of social media videos for Dior to plug various products, the current face of Moschino and Fendi has proudly unveiled her first campaign image for Dior’s Pump’N’Volume mascara. Bella stares down the photographer’s lens while serving a fierce makeup look from Dior’s very own Peter Philip.

So far, however, our forum members aren’t feeling the long-awaited campaign. “LOL, whoever drew that dress did it in Paint and should be fired without prior notice,” pointed out an eagle-eyed dodencebt, immediately after the image found its way onto our forums.

“The more I look at the dress, the more I see the artifice!” echoed Benn98, responding in total agreement. “I’m more bothered by the fact that they’ve retouched every inch of life out of her here. Lips are thinner, vague semblance of cheekbones, skin so smooth it looks like rubber. I get that it’s a beauty campaign and women love ideals, but surely they’ve taken it a bit too far here!” he went on to vent.

Early days for a more thorough analysis from our forum members, but it doesn’t look too positive so far. How do you feel toward the shot? False advertising? Overly-Photoshopped? Let us know here.