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A Bare-Faced Chrissy Teigen Redefines Beauty on Glamour’s April Cover

Our forums aren’t afraid to rat out magazines who abuse Photoshop and heavily-retouch their cover subjects. But we also applaud magazines who shun the idea altogether — and Glamour does just that for its April issue. Though their covers have been overdone and messy in recent months, the sight of a bare-faced Chrissy Teigen is a refreshing move for this month’s cover. Shot by Miguel Reveriego, Chrissy looks at ease wearing a striped shirt in the effortless, natural shot.

US Glamour April 2017 : Chrissy Teigen by Miguel Reveriego


But the majority of our forum members simply weren’t buying it. “Beautiful colors, but it’s wasted by Chrissy Teigen, who I find quite tacky actually. Why celebrate a girl whose claim to fame starts and ends with being married to some famous singer? Suddenly the Kardashian association makes a lot more sense,” voiced an unforgiving Benn98 the moment the cover dropped.

“Zero interest in her, so I definitely won’t be getting this issue,” quipped a disapproving Miss Dalloway.

“I wish she’d just go away,” slammed an uninterested liberty33r1b.

Also unwilling to support Glamour‘s choice of subject was RanThe: “Chrissy is so overrated. She’s tacky and boring at the same time and she isn’t a very good model. Only got the cover because she’s LOUD and married to John Legend (who is equally boring). Wasted cover. Rather see a model with a cause on the cover.”

“Well for once she doesn’t look cheap and tacky here,” reasoned forum member fluxxx.

“Less is more. She really looks prettiest with more natural makeup,” admired dfl-001.

Dodencebt liked what he saw too, commenting, “Oh wow, she looks very soft and beautiful with minimal makeup. There is something soothing about the cover.”

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