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Victoria Beckham Tries Her Best to Smile on InStyle’s Awkward April Cover

Victoria Beckham is a regular fixture at the newsstand and we’ve become so used to seeing her deliver fantastic covers that it’s hard to imagine she can take a bad photo. However, her latest cover for Laura Brown’s newly revamped InStyle is not her best look. Photographed for the April 2017 issue by Pamela Hanson, Victoria wears a white Max Mara coat and an awkward Mona Lisa smile. She looks a bit more at home on the special subscribers cover, though (after the jump).

US InStyle April 2017 : Victoria Beckham by Pamela Hanson


“Oh wow, we’ve never gotten a smiling Victoria on a cover, have we? A smirk is the most she’s given us I believe! The subscriber’s cover is just sweet, even though it doesn’t look like a cover,” described forum member dodencebt the moment the covers broke.

“Smiling? Deliberately? For a magazine cover that’ll be seen by millions? After those Beckham email tantrums were leaked, surely it hasn’t forced Victoria into THIS level of public rebranding? Or maybe she’s just thinking about all those Estee Lauder lipsticks she’s going to sell,” added tigerrouge.

Also not exactly thrilled with the outcome was magsaddict: “That weird half smile thing looks unnatural. I think Laura is, consciously or unconsciously, turning InStyle into Harper’s Bazaar. At this rate, I would only be half surprised if we see the ‘Fabulous at Every Age’ coverline pop up on an InStyle cover.”

Srdjan couldn’t have agreed more. “This is so cheap I have no words. The new editor is the worst thing that happened to InStyle,” he disapproved.

GivenchyHomme wasn’t buying it either, pointing out, “It really looks like it hurts for her to smile. It’s as if her face is frozen!”

US InStyle April 2017 : Victoria Beckham by Pamela Hanson


Do you think the cover could’ve been better? Await more from Victoria’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.