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Marie Claire’s Priyanka Chopra Cover for April Falls Flat

What’s happening over at Marie Claire? The magazine has let standards slip lately, churning out a series of underwhelming covers with some questionable styling choices. Scarlett Johansson managed to make the magazine’s March cover work by striking a powerful pose but Priyanka Chopra’s cover shoot for April 2017 falls flat. Photographed by Tesh, the Quantico actress (who usually photographs beautifully) looks a little lost and uneasy in the cover photo wearing an unattractive Gucci number selected by Alison Edmond.

US Marie Claire April 2017 : Priyanka Chopra by Tesh


Our forum members weren’t afraid to call out the American title. “There’s too much going on here — the ‘fierce’ face, hand pose, weird S&M studded leather shrug, and the fact that they’ve stripped her boobs away,” pointed out Benn98 the moment the cover struck.

“I usually always like Priyanka in print but here the result is TERRIBLE. The fierce over the top and crazy pose, the AWFUL styling, those leather things on her shoulders, the bad layout of the coverlines and the hair is baaaad (the person who did this should be fired ASAP!). This is not a good cover. OMG!” ranted a horrified Bertrando3.

“It’s like they decided to make her look average,” forum member A.D.C added in a state of shock.

Echoing the same sentiments was honeycombchild: “Yikes. This is just a catalogue of bad decisions! Such a shame they threw all of them at her as well, cause she’s beautiful and definitely could have made this work. I hate the hand coming through the letters like that. So naff.”

Srdjan disagrees. “She looks so good! There’s a stunning exotic vibe,” he admired.

“I don’t know if the results are particularly extraordinary, but this definitely demonstrates how Marie Claire is in touch with who’s ‘hot’ in the mainstream. While Vogue seems to select a few up and coming celebs to top up their regular roster of stale cover stars, MC seems to skip the magazine politics and just uses who’s actually relevant to the general public,” favored magsaddict.

US Marie Claire April 2017 : Priyanka Chopra by Tesh


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