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Christy Turlington Is Captivating in a Reprinted Cover Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Harper’s Bazaar Australia has a tendency to successfully use reprinted images and make them their own. The magazine brings its A game once again for April 2017, opting to use Spanish Bazaar‘s cover shoot with Christy Turlington. Selecting a totally different (and much better) shot than its counterpart, the 90s supermodel captivates in a printed Prada outfit.

Harper's Bazaar Australia April 2017 : Christy Turlington by Norman Jean Roy


However, Bazaar Australia’s latest choice of reprint has our forums divided. “This cover is wonderful! Such a fantastic, realistic and clean shot of Christy which I cannot help but to love. I love what they’ve done in terms of selecting the image, the composition, the colours, the fonts, etc. Brilliant!” rejoiced vogue28.

“Absolutely agree, I LOOOOOOVE this cover,” approved Bertrando3.

“Much better than the Spanish edition, the colour scheme looks great here. Although, what’s up with her left eye?” asked Benn98.

Ivano couldn’t have agreed more, writing, “Amazing cover. She’s still got it!”

“This is an absolutely horrible cover. Terrible picture of her. Total Photoshop fail on her left eye,” cried out mepps, projecting a different attitude in the thread.

A.D.C. couldn’t resist responding, “Actually I was reading her last interview with US Bazaar where she talks about her ‘wonky eye’. One eye is apparently slanted while the other is not. So if anything, this cover is not Photoshopped.”

GivenchyHomme wasn’t overly pleased either. “The best thing about this is the outfit because she isn’t serving anything,” he complained.

Harper's Bazaar Australia April 2017 : Christy Turlington by Norman Jean Roy


Are you feeling it? Be sure to let us know you think produced the more superior cover here.