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Vogue Italia’s E-Commerce Themed Cover Makes Giorgio Armani Look Like ASOS

Due to the tragic passing of Franca Sozzani back in December, Emanuele Farneti makes his debut as editor-in-chief ofVogue Italia this month. Sticking with tradition, Steven Meisel was Farneti’s photographer of choice to capture the anything-but-traditional cover story. Meisel (a forum favorite) cast model Lulu for an online shopping-inspired shoot, which somehow manages to make Giorgio Armani look more like ASOS on the disappointing March 2017 cover.

Vogue Italia March 2017 : Lulu by Steven Meisel


Most of our forum members despised the cover concept. “How ridiculous!! I have zero interest in this concept, and this is such an unappealing cover!” screamed Miss Dalloway.

“What a letdown! Pushing an ‘online shopping’ themed cover in 2017? And I know the images are supposed to mimic those lifeless ASOS lookbooks, but it simply doesn’t work for a cover,” chimed in a less than impressed Benn98.

“Is this a joke?” asked a dumbfounded DutchHomme.

Echoing the same sentiments was CrisGalaxy, stating, “An e-commerce cover…? They should’ve done this 5 years ago!”

Vanpersie wasn’t buying it either. “This is so bad. One of the weakest Vogue Italia covers delivered ever. The model is forgettable and looks like a little girl. Incredibly dull. Maybe with a better model it would spice it up. Execution is also weak,” she stated.

Forum member dontbeadrag, however, couldn’t have disagreed more. “I don’t get all the complaints, this is smart and looks quite believable, I think it is good,” he pointed out.

“Lulu looks fantastic in all frames, I love when Steven Meisel does these kinda covers, this is incredible,” raved TeeVanity, unwilling to agree with the majority.

“Only Meisel can deliver this,” declared arlekinderrabal.

Loathe it or love it? Add your own two cents and see more from the issue here.