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Imaan Hammam Earns Her Top Model Crown With Vogue Japan’s Stunning May Cover

We’re barely halfway through 2017 and our forums have already declared Vogue Japan their favorite magazine of the year. Ever since Gigi Hadid‘s cover back in December, the Japanese title has been killing it — and it’s newest cover for May 2017 is no exception. Photographer Giampaolo Sgura delivers a gorgeous cover image featuring Imaan Hammam, who looks every bit the supermodel she’s proving herself to be. Imaan works a black plunging Ralph Lauren dress in the cheerful and electrifying photo — and our forums just can’t get enough.

Vogue Japan May 2017 : Imaan Hammam by Giampaolo Sgura


“Finally a solo cover for Imaan! Not multi-girl… not multiple covers… just Imaan looking gorgeous,” immediately applauded A.D.C after seeing the cover.

“Imaan is on a roll and I’m not mad at all, because she ALWAYS delivers!! Her smile is contagious. Kudos on a solo cover!!” congratulated an elated RanThe.

Benn98 agrees: “OMG, this girl is on a roll! Late bloomers always have it better. Love the energy and cheerful vibe and odd pose, it’s actually perfect for this magazine.”

“2017 is the year of Vogue Japan! Brilliant shot, so much energy and I love the smile. 2017 is also the year of Imaan as well! To think that in 2016 she wasn’t on any cover, except for the foldout of Vogue Italia… and now… BAM! Her personality is beyond, you can really feel it. So happy for her,” rooted forum member apple.

KateTheGreatest was quick to express her love for the shot: “This is my favorite Vogue Japan cover in forever, she looks flawless!”

“What a gorgeous cover! OMG she looks STUNNING! I like that Vogue Japan uses more models of color now — this is 21st century after all,” commented Bertrando3.

“Imaan continues to deliver. She’s a perfect cover girl. Not everyone has the correct presence or energy to bring a cover to life, but Imaan is blossoming into one of the best. So excited for her and to see her career explode now,” championed happycanadian.

See Imaan’s cover story from the issue and join the party here.