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Vogue Turkey’s April Cover Is a ‘Waste of Two Top Models’

According to our discerning forum members, Vogue Turkey doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to creating groundbreaking covers, despite the odd hit from time to time (Kendall Jenner‘s cover from 2016 still fresh in our mind). This month, the magazine adds another “miss” to its portfolio with an awkward and somewhat uncomfortable April 2017 cover. Model Lexi Boling (who usually photographs like a dream for Steven Meisel) is joined by Jordan Barrett, coupling up as they lounge around a luxurious hotel room for photographer Sebastian Faena.

Vogue Turkey April 2017 : Lexi Boling & Jordan Barrett by Sebastian Faena


Forum members flocked to the thread to voice their dismay. “Not exactly a cover-worthy image, looks more like an editorial preview to me. Poor Lexi, her non-Meisel covers never seem to impress me. And now she’s being outshined by Jordan Barret of all people,” critiqued Benn98.

“A non-Meisel shot of Lexi usually fails unfortunately. Awkward cover!” echoed Vitamine W.

“The styling is tragic. The male model seems unnecessary for the cover. Like what’s the point? It’s a sad cover. And that layout. Can’t believe that an indie online magazine has a better layout than a well-budgeted magazine,” voiced a shocked MON.

Also not feeling it was forum member magsaddict. “This cover is a mess. It’s simply not a cover shot, and I’m not a fan of the styling or composition at all. What a waste of two top models,” he complained in frustration.

KateTheGrestest felt the same way, commenting, “It is an awkward cover. They are both not bringing anything to the table. Where is Lexi’s left arm and they cropped her feet in a weird way. I still remember when Vogue Turkey was good but I should really forget that because they haven’t been good in a while..”

“It’s all so… Bloomingdales’s The Night Before Christmas Christmas-y. Lexi is very mousey-looking here, so I guess that works for the Christmas concept. Is that what they’re going for… in April?” asked a confused Phuel.

Better luck next month, Vogue Turkey! See more from the cover story and add your own two cents here.