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Amber Valletta Is Feeling Good on British Vogue’s Summery May Cover

Ever since Ashley Graham‘s  groundbreaking January cover, British Vogue has been treating us to one model cover after another. Following in the footsteps of Kate Moss last month, UK Vogue opts for legendary supermodel Amber Valletta as its May 2017 cover star. Currently covering Vogue Ukraine, Amber makes a much-welcomed return to the British edition for the eleventh time in her spectacular career, flashing a warm smile in a Bottega Veneta wrap dress on the summery cover, captured by Lachlan Bailey.

UK Vogue May 2017 : Amber Valletta by Lachlan Bailey


As usual, forum members wasted no time voicing their opinions. “Glad to see Amber and I quite like the un-fussed mood of this shot. It’s very British Vogue. Lachlan Bailey should shoot more covers for them. The styling and her hair could be a improved though, crikey!” quipped Benn98 the moment the cover struck.

“Yes! Amber f*cking Valletta back on Vogue UK! I love her comeback and this summery vibe so much. It might be a bit too beachy for May but hell, it makes me want to take a vacation,” added dodencebt.

“So good to see Amber scoring the cover of British Vogue again, but what is that hair, styling and pose? Also the orange/blue combo is a bit repetitive,” complained sixtdaily.

Srdjan felt the same way, saying, “I love Amber, but not liking this at all. Looks like their high street supplement and her eyes are so tiny here. Positive thing? Fifth model cover in a row!”

Certainly not buying it was forum member [Piece Of Me]: “This is so bland and uninspiring. And what is she wearing? Doesn’t look good at all.”

“Pale cover, it almost fades into nothingness. The only highlight is Amber’s smile,” noted Nymphaea.

“The title promised so much, but the reality doesn’t really deliver. This is probably one cover where MORE text would have helped. Still, it’s nice to see her on the cover again, and I’ll not say no to the summer mood,” reasoned tigerrouge.

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