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Are Marie Claire’s ‘Fresh Faces’ Really That Fresh?

Marie Claire‘s covers tend to be hit or miss each month with our discerning forum members. For May 2017, the title’s annual ‘Fresh Faces’ issue drops, giving us five different covers to deliberate on. Photographed by Nicolas Moore, this year’s fresh faces include Alexandra Daddario, Aja Naomi King, Zoey Deutch, Emily Ratajkowski and Janelle Monae.

US Marie Claire May 2017 : Fresh Faces by Nicolas Moore


Forum members couldn’t wait to debate whose cover came out on top. “Couldn’t have picked a more tired and grating tagline if they tried. Emily’s cover is the best one, IMO,” wrote forum member MyNameIs after seeing all the covers together.

“The tagline is cheap TBH. Talk is cheap. I’d rather see an empowering and powerful image rather than your normal cover shot coupled with a tagline on feminism,” added MON.

Also quick to comment was Benn98: “The first cover [Alexandra Daddario] is perhaps the most high-fashion image I’ve seen on US Marie Claire. Simple, yet so stunning. Also glad for Aja, but not a big fan of her pose and Janelle’s hairstyle is too much. In all fairness, Janelle and the annoying Emily are not ‘new’ faces. Most of the public at large know them fairly well.”

“Emily Ratajkowski and ‘fresh’ in the same sentence,” mocked a dumbfounded Wintergreen.

Miss Dalloway favored and approved, “Aja for me, love seeing her here!”

“Emily Ratajkowski’s cover is by far the better one out the bunch. It just has… it! I love what she’s wearing, the pose, the grey background and the baby pink masthead. A really nice May cover, if you ask me!” vogue28 proclaimed.

US Marie Claire May 2017 : Fresh Faces by Nicolas Moore


Whose cover do you prefer — if any? Share your own opinion with us and await more from the issue here.