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Kendall Jenner Does 60s Housewife on the May Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

If Harper’s Bazaar hasn’t made it clear, this year marks its milestone 150th anniversary and to celebrate, the title has been going all-out with Madonna, Rihanna and Paris Jackson cover shoots. Now, Kendall Jenner appears on the newly-unveiled May 2017 cover looking vibrant in red La Perla (for which she’s the face of this season) in a decidedly retro-looking image. Channeling the work of photographer Richard Avedon throughout the cover shoot, Kendall was shot by Camilla Akrans with heavy-handed styling by Tom Van Dorpe.

US Harper's Bazaar May 2017 : Kendall Jenner by Camilla Akrans


Once the cover broke, our forum members couldn’t wait to weigh in. “Harper’s Bazaar is obsessed with playing with Kendall Jenner’s hair while wearing red lipstick. This is tragic. Those brows are hideous. The right one seems like it was Photoshopped on. Is she a senator/governor’s wife during the 60s? Why can’t they have a Kendall cover without a gimmick?” questioned MON.

“She’s not strong enough a model to pull something like a straight-on beauty shot. Her face looks smooshed together and that hair is atrocious,” added ash92.

“Summer Beauty Issue and this is what they come up with? Kendall’s best features are her eyes, yet they manage to take attention away from them with those stupid eyebrows,” ranted Zposen.

Forum member MyNameIs agrees. “What is with that helmet hair? She does not pull it off at all. Also, this is probably the first time it’s really hit me just how ordinary she looks. Pretty girl, yeah, but so pedestrian. The features are not refined. Weak bone structure. Nothing striking about the face,” he said.

CTSunshine wasn’t impressed either. “Oh my word! This cover is the nail in the coffin for me buying US Harper’s Bazaar. Cannot deal,” she ranted.

Also quick to complain was Marc10: “Yuck. The makeup, her inability to convey emotions, the eye rolling headline… everything, just a waste of paper.”

US Harper's Bazaar May 2017 : Kendall Jenner by Camilla Akrans


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