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Vittoria Ceretti Plays the Blushing Bride on Vogue Paris’ Disappointing May Cover

For someone who’s fairly new to the scene, Vittoria Ceretti continues to blossom in the world of modeling. She made the cover of Vogue‘s big spring issue this year, regularly delights before the lens of Steven Meisel and is the face of Chanel’s latest collection. Now, the Italian beauty lands the cover of Vogue Paris, posing for Mario Testino and playing the role of a blushing bride wearing white laced Alexander McQueen.

Vogue Paris May 2017 : Vittoria Ceretti by Mario Testino


Unfortunately, the cover disappointed the vast majority of our forum members. “Not what I was expecting at all! I actually like the dreamy and soft factor of the image, it’s something I haven’t seen from VP in years. But her face is too obscured, and that hideous belt which lends nothing to the styling!” said Benn98.

“Beautiful and great for her. But this does feel like an editorial opening shot. Not a cover image!!” pointed out Miss Dalloway.

“This looks nothing like Vogue Paris. Hello Vogue Spain? So disappointing,” said StockholmFW.

GivenchyHomme wasn’t much of an admirer either. “Horrible Text? Check! Horrible Styling? Check! Waste of a good Model? Check! It looks like she’s wearing a Halloween tablecloth. Maybe she’s queen of the Halloween party? And that text is an absolute monstrosity,” he complained.

In agreement was PerfectTonight,: “Such a waste of a stunning girl! The cover is way too busy. The styling is ……the worst!”

“Don’t like it. Vittoria is beyond boring and overexposed by now and the outfit is hideous,” slammed anlabe32.

“I like Vittoria’s work most of the time (she’s unremarkable here), but is she really special enough to generate all these covers? I don’t think so,” stated HeatherAnne.

We feel like we’ve been dumped at the altar! Wait and see if Vittoria’s accompanying cover story is better and share your opinion here.