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Gal Gadot Stars on W Magazine’s ‘Beautiful but Boring’ May Cover

W Magazine isn’t afraid to cast a wide net when it comes to cover subjects, like December’s leggy cover featuring Barbra Streisand. For May 2017, the magazine has selected the underutilized Gal Godot. Photographed by Craig McDean, the Wonder Woman actress gets a make-under in the striking, simple cover shot, with stylist Edward Enninful opting for a classic beige Burberry trench.

W May 2017 : Gal Gadot by Craig McDean


The cover generated a mixture of feedback on our forums. “Gorgeous portrait of a stunning woman,” commented anlabe32 the second the cover struck.

“A great coup for W, and this is simply a gorgeous shot. I’m not a fan of the type of films she does (superhero stuff, cheesy comedy thrillers, Fast & Furious), but I adore her personality,” Benn98 added.

“Quite tame for W‘s standards but I much prefer this over last month‘s covers. I’ve always liked Gal Gadot and think she can photograph beautifully (as showcased here). She looks fantastic and the yellow fonts bring the whole cover shot to life. Edward’s styling of Gal in the cover image reminds me of Kim Kardashian at the Balenciaga show!” quipped vogue28.

But not everyone liked what they saw. “She’s a beautiful woman but this cover is terrible and that hair is so wrong for her. Disappointed by all the talent involved in this cover,” ranted mistress_f.

Tigerrouge wasn’t buying it either. “I feel like that’s a beautiful woman in a brown paper bag,” she described.

“It’s beautiful but boring. It looks like a Saks catalogue,” pointed out an underwhelmed Lola701.

“Not the most flattering cover to start her Wonder Woman press cycle,” noted a far from impressed RedSmokeRise.

W May 2017 : Gal Gadot by Craig McDean


Are you feeling it? See more from Gal’s cover shoot and await more from the issue here.