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Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan Promote Their Valerian Movie on V Magazine’s Space-Age Covers

We’re well aware that Karl Lagerfeld adores Cara Delevingne, having enlisting the British model-turned actress for various Chanel advertising campaigns and runway shows. It should therefore come as no surprise to see Karl behind the lens of Cara’s latest cover shot for V Magazine. Cara’s co-star from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Dane DeHaan, joins her for two unique cover images for V‘s #107 Summer 2017 issue.

V #107 Summer 2017 : Cara Delevingne & Dane DeHaan by Karl Lagerfeld


The covers, ultimately, left our forum members scratching their heads. “Nice concept. Totally wrong people for it though,” stated Scotty after seeing both covers side by side.

“Yes, ill cast,” replied Benn98. “Even the guy, who everyone seems to like (why?). What’s with the circles under his eyes? I want to like the kitschiness of these covers, but simply cannot look past the puffy cheeks and false tan.” 

“These two! My God — talk about an insufferable pairing. V always has the uncanny ability to create the most obnoxious covers time and time again, and this is no exception. I get they’re like a pop star mag, but their consistently pandering to the lowest common denominator is quite annoying at this point,” complained Phuel.

In agreement was anlabe32: “I love Dane, but I absolutely hate these covers. But what can one expect when V Magazine, Karl Lagerfeld and Cara are involved.”

“I love Dane but… he’s at the very least miscast here? Or, wrong for the theme or under-groomed in regards of the overall mood of the covers?” questioned mistress_f.

TaylorBinque wasn’t buying the concept either. “Obviously this is not a miscast but a blatant promotion of their new film. I wish it was done separately. A typical black and white would fit Dane so well,” she acknowledged.

V #107 Summer 2017 : Cara Delevingne & Dane DeHaan by Karl Lagerfeld


Await more from the issue and be sure to let us know what you think of the two covers here.