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We’re Not Really Sure What’s Going on With This Prada Campaign for Pre-Fall 2017

After a stunning Spring 2017 campaign, Prada continues to use photographer Willy Vanderperre to lens its various campaigns, leaving us to guess whether Steven Meisel will ever return. For Pre-Fall 2017, models Kris Grikaite, Nina Gulien and Selena Forrest lounge around a stylish property and doing little else while Vanderperre takes their picture.

Prada Pre-Fall 2017 : Kris, Nina & Selena by Willy Vanderperre


After seeing the first image (above), our forums ignited debate. “Looks OK, if not a bit blasé. Kris is lovely and all, but I want more. Especially from such a weak collection. And I simply cannot get over Prada’s (and LV’s) obsession to blatantly place their products,” wrote Benn98 at once.

Nymphaea thought the same, writing, “Pushing the accessories for keeping they’re head above water. The ad says it all and unfortunately not very remarkable. Miuccia has to do much better in the next collections, otherwise it’s going down the drain I’m afraid.”

“I just wish that second person wasn’t in the shot, it’s unnecessary. It should have only been Kris. She looks amazing. She’s bringing something fresh to everything she does,” added GivenchyHomme.

“Very happy to see Kris but something about the image irks me. The composition makes it look like they took two separate shots and sort of Photoshopped them together. It looks disjointed,” noted a disapproving Nomar.

“I do not understand Kris’s appeal at all. She reminds me of Cara Taylor, but when you’re drunk and aren’t seeing right,” laughed xsquared.

Also not feeling it was forum member Lola701: “I hate to say this but this doesn’t feel special or impactful enough. The thing with Meisel was that one season, it was a classic studio shot with top models, another season with a much more cinematic feel and another with something totally weird like his last campaign with Raquel [Zimmermann] and all. With Vanderperre, we will get basically all those things and I feel like with his distinctive lighting, it will get boring really fast!”

Prada Pre-Fall 2017 : Kris, Nina & Selena by Willy Vanderperre


See Prada’s Pre-Fall 2017 campaign in all its glory and add your own two cents here.