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Brie Larson Plays the Pin-Up on Vanity Fair’s May Cover

For whatever unjustifiable reason, Brie Larson hasn’t landed too many fashion magazine covers. Surprisingly, the Oscar-winning actress has only appeared on American ELLE and W Magazine, but she can now add this month’s Vanity Fair to her portfolio. May 2017 also marks the first time Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin were hired to shoot a Vanity Fair cover. Photographed on location at Joshua Tree National Park in California, Brie wears a burgundy Ralph Lauren dress in the cover photo.

Vanity Fair May 2017 : Brie Larson by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin


But for all the team’s best efforts on set, our forum members weren’t exactly thrilled with the outcome. “Looking good, but she looks a bit uncomfortable here. Of course Vanity Fair had to go the pin-up route regardless of Brie’s vibe, but they’ll use her King King role as an excuse. At least it looks fashionable,” wrote Benn98 the second the cover was posted.

“My first thought: evil woman about to burst out of her dress. Giving me Superwoman vibes. Otherwise, she looks good, intense,” Nymphaea stated.

“Beautiful cover, I don’t find her exciting in print, but I like this. And wow what a year this is shaping up to be for I&V!” championed Miss Dalloway.

LastNight couldn’t have agreed more, saying, “I adore Inez & Vinoodh and I am loving that they landed this cover not long after their first US Vogue cover, they’re on a roll!”

Not everyone was feeling the love, however. “I hate it. Her head already tends to look too big for her body, and they went ahead and accentuated it. The ugly helmet hair doesn’t help. The transparent lettering in ‘BRIE’ looks so amateur,” ranted MyNameIs.

“This cover is dull, and there is nothing remotely interesting about Brie Larson. She’s like the American version of Alicia Vikander,” slammed an uninterested mepps.

“Exactly,” replied dfl-001 in agreement. “I don’t think every actress should make themselves available for these glamour shoots. Something more down to earth and unpretentious would be more fitting for Brie,” she pointed out.

Check out Brie’s cover story and let us know what you think here.