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Priyanka Chopra’s Glamour Cover Is an Unflattering Mess

As the major fashion glossies begin to unveil their covers for June 2017, Glamour continues down a disappointing path. Following last month’s cover, which our forums called a waste of Kerry Washington, the U.S. glossy reveals an unflattering cover featuring Priyanka Chopra. The actress, who usually looks beautiful in print (her InStyle cover still being the one to beat), waves her arms above her head wearing an overpowering Marni top and a pair of Christian Dior boxer briefs (or, fashion-forward granny panties) in the cover image shot by Sebastian Kim.

US Glamour June 2017 : Priyanka Chopra by Sebastian Kim


Members of our forums couldn’t believe their eyes. “What is this mess?” asked a horrified madzedre the second the cover came to light.

“Disaster. Remember when Harper’s Bazaar used to do this handwritten text font? Unoriginal. And what an unflattering pose and expression. I’ve seen better Cosmo covers than this,” exclaimed MON.

Benn98 couldn’t have agreed more. “Nothing redeemable about this cover. There’s too much going on, my head is spinning — messy art direction, faded masthead, and the odd fan-blown top. And those granny knickers must go! It’s all too atrocious to regard. I hope this was just a once-off test run, which will obviously fail (unless they’re trying to muscle in on Cosmo‘s readers).”

Sharing the same sentiments toward the Cosmopolitan vibes was fluxxx, saying, “Wow, it’s somehow worse than a Cosmo cover! My eyes go straight to those ugly granny panties.”

Also quick to express their dismay was mepps: “Priyanka is such a beautiful woman, but this cover is doing her no favors. Flush it!”

“I expect more from Sebastian Kim,” said dfl-001. “They could get much better results with Priyanka. The fonts, the styling, everything is an eyesore,” he added.

“The art direction… embarrassing,” mocked a dumbfounded 333101.

Glamour best kick it up a notch next month! Come add your own two cents over Priyanka’s cover here.