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Karlie Kloss Earns Her Supermodel Status on InStyle’s Stunning New Cover

What can magazines do to impress our discerning forum members? Give them a model on the cover of their favorite fashion glossies. Major kudos goes to InStyle this month for this stunning cover featuring Karlie Kloss. Shot by Carter Smith, the all-American beauty shows off her top model status wearing metallic Bottega Veneta and giving us major hair envy. We’ll race you to the newsstand!

US InStyle June 2017 : Karlie Kloss by Carter Smith


Our forum members loved what they saw. “Karlie looks stunning here! I never would’ve imagined her career would take such a massive turn. This styling and image is very suited to InStyle. They’ve redeemed themselves from last month’s trainwreck. I’m slowly warming to Laura’s idea of InStyle. Art direction could be better, but just continue to run more outdoor covers and I’d be happy,” commented Benn98.

“What a gorgeous cover, and so happy to see Karlie! Laura is very commercial, sometimes too much, but when it works, it works!” Miss Dalloway approved.

“I like the fact she is trying to do interesting things with people who have been shot 100 times before,” added 8eight.

Feeling the same way toward the outcome was MON: “Gorgeous! If only this were paired with the former glorious layout of theirs.”

“Looking good!” DutchHomme confessed.

Happycanadian was quick to applaud InStyle too. “Great cover.  I feel that Karlie has fully transitioned into genuine supermodel territory. She’s already conquered the fashion world and she’s become a celebrity, as well. She’s expanded her brand beyond fashion at this point and has added ‘athleticism’ and ‘academic’ to her brand identity.”

Await more from Karlie’s cover shoot and add your own two cents here.