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Karen Elson’s Cover of UK Harper’s Bazaar Looks Just Like Town & Country

British Harper’s Bazaar continues to eschew the usual celebrity suspects in favor of cover models — not that we’re complaining. After an ethereal Lindsey Wixson cover last month, Bazaar welcomes back model-turned-singer Karen Elson for its June 2017 cover story. Taking things outdoors (once again), Karen was captured by photographer Richard Phibbs as she roams the perfectly manicured gardens of a stately home.

UK Harper's Bazaar June 2017 : Karen Elson by Richard Phibbs


The cover made exclusively for subscribers (above) was the first to surface, but is it time for the Bazaar team to head back indoors? “I’ve seen enough content of this magazine to know that every single reader must own a country estate somewhere posh,” critiqued Melancholybaby at once.

“The background looks fake, the foxes look edited on the image. The covers are starting to look all the same,” pointed out MON.

Echoing the same sentiments was forum member KissMiss: “Yep Town & Country meets Tatler. It’s getting quite boring, the edge is missing. It’s all pretty and fairytales!”

Tigerrouge felt the same way, stating, “Given that Justine [Picardie] is the Editor-in-Chief of both UK Bazaar and Town & Country, I suppose it’s inevitable that the two magazines will have a lot of crossover content” Also pointing out, “The foxes look like they’re prowling around, looking to get stuck into some rubbish bags. Or possibly nick your chickens.”

“Crikey, not what I was expecting!! She’s obviously leaping ahead, but it just looks awkward. Also her hair and make-up is a mess. They should’ve gotten Agata Pospieszynska or Erik Madigan Heck to shoot this. I’m hoping the newsstand cover will be better,” sighed a hopeful Benn98.

“I enjoy this magazine a lot, but I agree it’s become very Town & Country. Enjoying this cover, and I’m glad to see Karen Elson featured, her new album is fantastic,” said HeatherAnne.

UK Harper's Bazaar June 2017 : Karen Elson by Richard Phibbs


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