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Nicolas Ghesquière and His Louis Vuitton Muses Appear on Vogue Japan’s June Cover

These days, fashion designers seem to crave the spotlight and regularly accompany their muses on the pages and covers of magazines. Riccardo Tisci has appeared on the cover of Vogue Japan, Karl Lagerfeld has fronted Vogue Paris, and now Nicolas Ghesquière makes an appearance on Vogue Japan’s June 2017 edition. Having already appeared on the cover of Vogue Brazil with Selena Gomez, the Louis Vuitton creative director now poses for Patrick Demarchelier alongside muses Rila Fukushima, Lea Seydoux, Jennifer Connelly and Michelle Williams (all wearing Vuitton, obvs).

Vogue Japan June 2017 by Patrick Demarchelier


Given the magazine’s recent wave of success, was this enough to satisfy our forum members? “I don’t know why but I’m such a sucker for designers and their clique on magazine covers. This is perfect! Although it does have more of a November/December vibe to it,” stated KateIsGr8 straight away.

“I’ll take this weird Louis Vuitton gang over that Balmain Army thing,” RedSmokeRise reasoned.

“Too obviously paid for by LV. Not working, an uncomfortable cover,” snarled a disapproving Nymphaea.

Also unwilling to show support was Srdjan: “Very Vogue China with the colors and the layout. I hate these group shots, they never incorporate well onto a magazine cover.”

Tigerrouge wasn’t buying it either. “Fresh and upbeat [as the cover reads] but the cover is like seeing pictures from a Christmas party four months after the event,” she mocked.

“This cover looks awkward and could have been done much better,” sighed Nomar.

“I really don’t get the point of these covers. It makes me wonder who they’re really promoting. Is it the designer or the clothes? It’s so hard to believe that it’s the latter when most of the time, in these ‘gang’ covers, you hardly see what they’re wearing or the details thereof. It feels like it’s an ego thing for the designers,” commented MON.

Here’s to hoping Vogue Japan get back on track next month. Check out some previews and join the debate here.