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Alexa Chung Suffers From ‘Tragic Styling’ on the Cover of British Vogue for June

Not long now until Alexandra Shulman exits British Vogue, making way for incoming editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. Like comfort food, Shulman has been turning to old favorites for her final issues, including recent covers with the likes of Kate Moss and Amber Valletta. Now, Alexa Chung returns for the title’s recently revealed June 2017 cover, photographed by Mario Testino. Alexa seemingly models the contents of her local charity shop in the cover image, while inside the issue shows off the debut collection from her namesake fashion brand, Alexachung.

UK Vogue June 2017 : Alexa Chung by Mario Testino


Upon seeing the cover, our forum members weren’t a happy bunch. “Not a good angle for Miss Chung. This cover is yet another last gasp reminder that it was time for Alexandra to go. Already looking towards the new Edward era!” cried out zoom straight away.

“Jesus. Will someone just give that woman her P45 so we can all move on?” stated honeycombchild.

“Deserves the title of worst cover of the year,” declared an unimpressed liberty33r1b.

Dodencebt couldn’t have agreed more. “OK, this is the worst cover I have seen in a LONG time, and not just in Vogue,” he discredited.

Also quick to comment was Miss Dalloway, exclaiming, “Oh for crying out LOUD!!! WTF is this?!!! I have NO interest in Alexa! BUT, the woman can photograph a million times BETTER than this!! I won’t even go into that tragic styling, Testino really needs to get it together, too!”

“It looks like she’s modeling the contents of a charity shop,” laughed tigerrouge.

“There’s no fashion on this cover,” anlabe32 mocked in disgust.

Better luck next month Vogue. Await more from the issue and add your own two cents here.