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Pooja Mor Gives Good Face on Vogue Arabia’s Somewhat Disappointing May Cover

SinceVogue Arabia launched a mere two months ago with a stunning Gigi Hadid cover, the magazine has been killing it and we continue to praise the title’s efforts. After a knockout April cover with Imaan Hammam, our forums are delighted to see Pooja Mor on Vogue Arabia’s May 2017 installment. Giving us yet another closeup cover image, Indian beauty Pooja gives good face before the lens of Ben Hassett.

Vogue Arabia May 2017 : Pooja Mor by Ben Hassett


Unfortunately, the majority of our forum members weren’t feeling it. “This looks like a beauty or jewelry feature opening shot. Not feeling it for a cover, a nonevent,” wrote a disappointed Miss Dalloway, moments after the cover broke.

“Given the state of covers these days, I’m happy to settle for a closeup shot of a gorgeous woman. Perhaps they’re limited in how much of the body they can show on the cover, so I’m not surprised the focus is on beauty and jewelry. It might be like this for a lot of their issues,” chimed in tigerrouge.

“Very Vogue Paris Bijoux. A product shouldn’t be featured this prominently on a close-up cover. It makes it automatically look like an advertisement. The jewelry is definitely taking the attention away from Pooja,” GivenchyHomme added.

RedSmokeRise wasn’t impressed either, saying, “Happy for Pooja but what a letdown.”

“Pooja! Doesn’t quite work overall but still pleased to see her though,” echoed 333101.

Phuel was quick to voice, “The floating-head syndrome strikes again. If only they showed her hair, the shot would look so much fuller, stronger, more cover-worthy.”

“Stunning cover choice, I’ve been pleased by Vogue Arabia’s offerings so far,” commented TeeVanity.

“Stunning! I am loving all their covers so far,” Urban Stylin appreciated.

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