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Is Vogue’s Annual Met Gala Special Edition Issue Really Necessary?

Katy Perry, who recently debuted a new (somewhat questionable) look on the cover of the May issue of Vogue, now appears alongside Pharrell Williams on the magazine’s Met Gala Special Edition issue for 2017. Just like Taylor Swift on last year’s offering, the Met Gala co-chair appears in her Maison Margiela outfit from the evening in what appears to be a tabloid paparazzi shot, photographed by Mario Testino. Notwithstanding the odd cover image choice, we fail to understand why Vogue continues to release this annual special edition.

US Vogue Special Edition Met Gala 2017 : Katy Perry & Pharrell by Mario Testino


“Personally, I think these US Vogue Met Gala editions are a total waste. There is literally nothing inside that we haven’t already seen for free, splashed across Vogue‘s website or social media platforms. I wonder if copies actually sell on the newsstand (it would be interesting to see the sales figures),” pointed out vogue28.

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“Like, who would by this when the pictures are all over the internet?” asked HeatherAnne, sharing the same sentiments.

MyNameIs questioned, “Could they REALLY not have found a better photo for the cover?”

Also unwilling to part with their money was Armani, stating, “Two American Vogue covers in a row, and I dislike her in both. Loved Katy’s outfit at the Gala though, but I’m not surprised by the cover.”

SpeakThatJDunn wrote, “It must have been in her contract to get this cover. Should’ve gone to Rihanna!”

“It looks like Katy and Pharrell are pasted next to each other. Terrible photo. Glad Anna didn’t put Rihanna on the cover tho. She looked silly in that over-hyped dress. This special issue is just as pointless as the Met gala. The fact that trees were killed to produce this is a tragedy,” complained mepps.

Do you agree? Believe someone else should have got the cover? Voice your opinion with us here.

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