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Naomi Watts Shows Her Sensual Side on Vogue Australia’s Beautiful June Cover

Vogue Australia continues to embrace homegrown talent, including May’s delightful cover featuring Teresa Palmer. Naomi Watts, no stranger to Vogue Australia, now appears on the June 2017 cover, photographed by Emma Summerton. The British-born, Australia-raised actress wears Giambattista Valli in the dark and moody cover image.

Vogue Australia June 2017 : Naomi Watts by Emma Summerton


Our forum members seemed pretty impressed with the cover. “Naomi’s face saves everything here [from being] forgettable. That eye and that mouth are flawless,” raved whitewine82, admiring the makeup look.

“Give credit where it’s due. This looks good,” confessed MON.

“Love this, and it’s nice to see a more sensual side to both Naomi and Summerton. The styling works well here. Naomi’s acting and celebrity doesn’t really interest me at all, but I always like her work for this edition,” forum member Benn98 admitted.

Not everyone, however, thought the cover was a hit. “This is beautiful from the sort of mid stomach up. Maybe it’s just me, but that dress looks really unflattering around her stomach? Distorting her body’s line on an otherwise beautiful image. Perfectly suited for the season in Aus too I feel. Naomi seems to never land covers so it’s nice to see her,” shared honeycombchild.

Magsaddict exclaimed, “If they didn’t have Naomi’s name in such large font, I might not have recognized her at first! Her Australian Vogue covers are usually a snore (except her 2005 cover which is an all-time favorite), so it’s nice to see them use Naomi in a fresh way.”

“It’s another nice cover from Vogue Australia. Naomi is always a great choice but I’m not sure about the make up… looks so heavy on her,” pointed out narcyza.

“It’s a little lackluster running this immediately after Teresa Palmer’s gorgeous cover. Two blonde, Australian actresses that look similar. How about an Australian model cover!” wrote an underwhelmed HeatherAnne.

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