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Karlie Kloss Is So Much Better Than This Waste of a Vogue China Cover

Our forums have been rather hard on Vogue China lately. After a knockout March cover with Gigi Hadid, sister Bella Hadid looked odd and lifeless on the title’s April issue, followed by a Terry Richardson-shot cover for May (a major misstep in our book). Now, fresh from the cover of InStyle, Karlie Kloss adds the cover of Chinese Vogue to her impressive portfolio of work, appearing on the June 2017 cover, captured by photographer Roe Ethridge.

Vogue China June 2017 : Karlie Kloss by Roe Ethridge


Unlike most other Karlie Kloss cover appearances, our forums weren’t buying this one. “Really just OK and inoffensive, there’s nothing special here. Quite mediocre. Also, it may be time for Karlie to start toning down her cover appearances,” voiced an underwhelmed Benn98.

“I’m sorry it looks like a cheap version of Marie Claire or ELLE China. There´s no edge or sense of high fashion. Karlie is a great model but this cover does nothing for me,” critiqued a disapproving Bertrando3.

“I agree,” replied forum member Valentine27. “Karlie looks beautiful but it falls very flat and it just doesn’t work as a cover. Nothing special.”

Also not very fond of the cover was badgalcrush: “I don’t like it… AT ALL! Karlie is so much better than this. What a waste!”

Sixtdaily wasn’t too impressed either. “The lighting is awful. Also the fonts they’ve been using lately for their main title make me cringe!” she exclaimed.

“Awful styling and the makeup doesn’t help. Still, I’m glad to see a true model on a Vogue cover,” reasoned narcyza, snidely referring to the Gigis and the Kendalls of the modeling world.

“Not the best cover shot I guess. It reminds me of one of those shots you take at the beginning to see if the light works, etc. Happy to see a great model and role model of this generation like Karlie on it tho!” shared apple.

Admit the cover could’ve been a whole lot better and check out Karlie’s cover story here.