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Jessica Chastain’s Vogue Spain Cover Is an Odd Choice for June

After a drop-dead gorgeous cover last month starring model Grace Elizabeth, Vogue Spain shied away from models this month by featuring actress Jessica Chastain as its June 2017 cover girl. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, the cover drew mixed reviews from tFS forum members, many of whom felt the cover shot was unflattering and too dark for June.

Vogue España June 2017 : Jessica Chastain by Mario Sorrenti


“What a random choice of cover star and photographer. Is this sponsored? W Magazine is this you?” questioned a dumbfounded MON the moment the cover struck.

“What? You have Mario and Jessica, and this is it? They could do so much better, as could the new EIC, not impressed with her work so far! And this is June, come on!” Miss Dalloway protested.

“It’s too dark for summer. I don’t like her face either,” wrote narcyza.

Also extremely underwhelmed by the outcome was vogue28: “Another month and another cover which makes me glad I made the move and cancelled my order for Vogue Spain at the local store three months ago, because this cover with Jessica Chastain just doesn’t do it for me whatsoever. A total flop!”

“This cover perfectly sums up Jessica Chastain for me. Nice and uneventful,” stated A.D.C.

KateTheGreatest wasn’t all too interested either, commenting: “So boring!”

Although the cover didn’t fail to impress everyone. “Beautiful portrait shot of Jessica,” complemented [Piece Of Me].

“It’s not typical, I like it,” reasoned TeeVanity.

How do you feel toward the cover? Await more from the issue and have your say here.