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Hailey Baldwin Tops Maxim’s Hot 100 List

Maxim doesn’t receive much attention on our forums, despite managing to secure gorgeous cover girls like Ashley Graham, Jasmine Tookes and Alessandra Ambrosio. This month, however, with Hailey Baldwin on the front, our forums fully engaged the moment the June/July 2017 cover appeared. Topping Maxim‘s ‘Hot 100’ list, Hailey stars on the newly-unveiled cover whilst posing on location in Paris for photographer Gilles Bensimon (who is now a regular fixture at Maxim).

Maxim June/July 2017 : Hailey Baldwin by Gilles Bensimon


Members of our forums were quick to turn their noses up at the cover. “I have zero interest in Hailey. I might be interested more in seeing Margot and Alicia, they are both gorgeous. Also, Gilles should stick to the beach, it’s what he does best. Every time I see an inside shoot, I feel it’s such a waste of him. Outside shoots are where he really shines,” critiqued KateTheGreatest at once.

“Are we sure she’s 20?” asked mathiaskatz, suggesting Hailey looked way older due to the heavy styling, hair and makeup.

“Number 1… come on… even a shoe is sexier,” laughed a far from impressed MulletProof.

Also questioning Hailey’s position was forum member happycanadian: “I don’t understand her appeal whatsoever. But this is a big thing for her – no doubt.”

Zoom wasn’t feeling it either, pointing out, “She’s giving me stripper x Ivanka Trump in this image!”

“I’m seeing a soft-porn version of a Guess advert from the early 90s,” described tigerrouge.

“God this looks like the cover of a VHS porno,” exclaimed kenndale.

“She’s got this strange ability to make most things look cheap,” stated RedSmokeRise.

Maxim June/July 2017 : Hailey Baldwin by Gilles Bensimon


Await more from Hailey’s latest and share your own sentiments toward the cover with us here.