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Ultimate Aussie Model Elle Macpherson Looks Beautiful on Harper’s Bazaar Australia

We love our monthly dose of Harper’s Bazaar Australia, which rarely fails to knock it out the park when it comes to covers. Always willing to champion home-grown talent, Aussie Bazaar follows up its recent Lara Worthington cover with Elle Macpherson, shot by Nick Learyon location in the idyllic setting of Rottnest Island. Returning exactly two years after her last Bazaar appearance, Elle graces the title’s double June/July 2017 issue looking graceful and poised in Gucci.

Harper's Bazaar Australia June/July 2017 : Elle Macpherson by Nick Leary


“In my eyes, Elle can do no wrong. This is another beautiful cover of her for Harper´s Bazaar Australia, loving this one,” raved forum member Bertrando3 the second the cover came to light.

“Beautiful! Can’t wait for my subscriber’s cover!! She’s still in my eyes the ultimate Aussie model, even though I think the Aussie public have not always been that kind to Elle – some pretty severe tall poppy syndrome. Also refreshing that they chose a 53-year-old woman for the cover instead of the mediocre celeb offspring featured inside,” cheered magsaddict.

Sharing the same attitude was vogue28. “A beautiful cover from Harper’s Bazaar Australia! Everything so wonderfully complements each other, I love it. Always nice to see Elle Macpherson on the Aussie fashion glossies,” he applauded.

Benn98 admired the outcome also, writing, “Beautiful cover, and she looks great in that dress. It’s telling that Elle Macpherson booked yet another dual month issue for this magazine, her last one must’ve been a quite a hit. And while I like the fact that she’s not overexposed, a Vogue Australia cover would be nice!”

“Beautiful cover but the smile is not convincing,” quipped Urban Stylin, disagreeing with the majority. “I wish she had given us that legendary Elle smile.”

“Do not want to sound mean because I used to adore her, but I think she can’t smile anymore,” replied Frenchkiki.

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