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Doutzen Kroes and Imaan Hammam Pose for Porter’s ‘Cliché African Safari Photo Shoot’

Ever since the premiere issue back in 2014, our forums have been huge supporters of Porter. The magazine has delivered the goods with virtually every issue, quickly becoming one of our favorites. Until now, that is. The publication powered by Net-a-Porter just unveiled its Summer Escape 2017 installment, leaving our forums rather unimpressed. Models Doutzen Kroes and Imaan Hammam pose together for Vincent van de Wijngaard on location in Kenya at the Save the Elephants operation nerve center.

Porter #21 Summer Escape 2017 : Doutzen Kroes & Imaan Hammam


“Travel on a budget? Because this looks cheap,” said forum member phungnam96 the moment the covers were revealed.

“Cheap, depressing/dull and completely unoriginal. Is there only one way to style models when in the African safari?” complained t-rex.

“Yep it’s that time of year, cliché African safari photo shoot time,” HeatherAnne replied.

“Oh God… give us a Doutzen break please! I prefer the second cover (below) but nothing outstanding. This magazine is slowly turning boring,” KissMiss stated.

Honeycombchild seemed disappointed by the two covers also, writing, “These are very sub standard for Porter. They’ve gone from nailing every single cover to missing the mark lately I feel.”

“The ladies look lovely, Doutzen reminds me of her younger years and Natalia Vodianova. But the colors are so muted and uninspiring, it sucks the life out of it. The lace is nice though,” voiced Nymphaea.

Also not impressed was Benn98: “I do think that with some cropping these images would have worked well. So that’s on Porter, not Vincent. Also the casting doesn’t quite gel well here. Imaan, who normally does no wrong, is definitely not delivering here and I’m not sure what happened. Doutzen doesn’t impress me at all, I’d rather see the majestic elephant instead of her.”

Porter #21 Summer Escape 2017 : Doutzen Kroes & Imaan Hammam


Await more from the issue and let us know what you think here.