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Carolyn Murphy Stars on Two Lackluster British Vogue Covers for July 2017

After a tragically styled Alexa Chung cover last month, British Vogue enlists the expertise of 90s supermodel Carolyn Murphy for its July 2017 issue, shot by photographic duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. We expected to see the American beauty grace the cover of an upcoming issue after having an exclusive peek at two covers back in April. Making an appearance 13 years after her last, Carolyn proves she’s every inch the ultimate cover girl, wearing laced Giorgio Armani Privé.

But for our forum members, it seemed not even Carolyn could have saved the outcome. “The first cover (above) is better, but it’s still dull and uninspiring. When last have we seen these kind of covers (late 90s, perhaps)? Absolutely outdated. I&V should be ashamed of themselves, because the second cover (below) is even worse,” noted Benn98.

“Carolyn’s work is usually superb but I am not impressed by this at all…” proclaimed KissMiss.

“I like the first cover! Yes, those kinds of tight shots are a little dated, but I also think it’s chic and understated. The second cover is very unflattering, a total eyesore, it’s as if they’ve stretched her legs? They look disproportionate to her torso and head,” described magsaddict.

TaylorBinque had mixed feelings: “I don’t know what to feel about this. I love Carolyn but this cover is just lackluster. But it stays true to Alexandra’s Vogue UK. So I guess that says a lot.”

Honeycombchild wasn’t impressed either, saying, “I’m all for Carolyn but this is an absolute snooze fest. Jesus this magazine. Bring on the new guard ASAP.”

“Murphy can do so much better than here, but this is UK Vogue!! sighed Miss Dalloway.

Await the content from the issue and add your own two cents here.