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Anna Ewers Is Unrecognizable on Vogue Germany’s July Cover

Whether Anna Ewers is fronting Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia or Vogue Japan, we’re usually guaranteed an instant hit. Marking the German beauty’s third cover appearance on her native Vogue Germany, the current face of Isabel Marant fronts the title’s July 2017 issue. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, Anna (sporting new fringed hairstyle) wears a blue denim Christian Dior overalls at the beach.

Vogue Germany July 2017 : Anna Ewers by Giampaolo Sgura


Unfortunately, our forum members weren’t feeling Anna’s latest cover. “The hair is absolutely horrible. It’s eating her face alive! This cover could have been a knockout, instead we got ‘When bangs attack!'” cried a horrified GivenchyHomme.

“Whoa! Ewers?! I swear I looked at her face for almost a minute before it connected, she looks really different here, and it’s not the good kind of different!” exclaimed Miss Dalloway.

“Sgura manages to sink another cover. Did they Photoshop the hair on Anna post-shoot?! Good for Ewers scoring another Vogue cover but when this is the result…” sighed a disapproving zoom.

In agreement over how terrible the cover turned out was apple. “Unrecognizable! Don’t like the bangs and her expression,” he stated.

Zposen was quick to echo, “She does not look like herself at all!”

“The hairstyle really doesn’t work on her,” declared 333101.

“I can maybe look past the atrocious bangs, but it’s the denim boiler suit which irks me most! So awful. At least the blues are pleasing on the eye. In Sgura’s defense, the photography is not what’s wrong here IMO. It’s the styling,” confirmed Benn98.

Vogue Germany July 2017 : Anna Ewers by Giampaolo Sgura


See more from Anna’s cover shoot as well as what else the issue has to offer here. Let us know what you think!