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Cameron Russell Captivates on Numéro’s Stunning Summer Cover

The last time French publication Numéro took our forum’s fancy was way back in November 2016 with a fierce Joan Smalls cover. The covers in between have been more or less satisfactory, but the magazine has suddenly caught our interest again with a captivating cover for June/July 2017. Photographed by forum favorite Txema Yeste, Cameron Russell serves good face while being submerged in a pool of water wearing Christian Dior.

Numéro #184 June/July 2017 : Cameron Russell by Txema Yeste


Members of our forums wasted no time in showing the cover some love. “That’s beautiful. Txema’s work for Numéro is spot on,” commented a more than impressed anlabe32.

“This is good. So good,” applauded a mesmerized lightblue.

“Hauntingly beautiful. I like the eerie mood, effects and styling, and the cover works because it’s Numéro who doesn’t need to toe a commercial line. I also think it’s a nice image for Cameron to have, photographers tend to go with a very one-note direction with her,” stated a delighted Benn98.

Sharing the same sentiments was KateTheGreatest. “Really beautiful, I wouldn’t expect anything less of Txema Yeste. He is one of a few interesting photographers right now,” she complemented.

Nomar liked what he saw too: “A cool (no pun intended) and interesting cover.”

Although the cover didn’t receive a standing ovation from everyone. “It’s a good concept with a great model but something is wrong here. It’s too heavy looking,” narcyza pointed out.

“Interesting composition, terrible modeling,” said Gain.

“It had a lot of promise but Cameron just looks like a dead fish,” mocked forum member lelaid.

Care to see more from Cameron? Check out the contents of Numéro‘s latest and join the conversation here.