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Kate McKinnon Is All Smiles on the Cover of ELLE’s Women in Comedy Issue

The American edition of ELLE may just be our hottest pick at the newsstand lately. The magazine keeps knocking it out the park and hit a total home run with last month’s cover featuring Missy Elliot. The fashion glossy just unveiled its annual Women in Comedy issue for July 2017 and, instead of going the multi-cover route, ELLE opted for a single cover starring SNL‘s Kate McKinnon. Returning to the cover exactly a year after her last, Kate is all smiles in Versace, posing for photographer Paola Kudacki.

US Elle July 2017 : Kate McKinnon by Paola Kudacki


ELLE‘s latest seemed to generate mixed feedback from our no-holds-barred forum members. “Definitely buying this! Gorgeous cover. The edgy shot is gorgeous! Would’ve worn a diff blazer but damn,” raved MON.

“I have no idea who she is, and I like it. It’s very ELLE,” said tigerrouge.

“Love it, I’m so happy! Maybe more covers are on the way?” asked a hopeful matheus_s.

Forum member Miss Dalloway wasn’t in a rush to the newsstand. “This is just horrible, such a bad shot of her, so sick of Kudacki’s cold style for US ELLE. I will take their old tacky covers over these insipid ones they do now, every time!” she exclaimed in disbelief.

Benn98 didn’t seem to be bothered to find a copy either: “Any chance Tina Fey will also get a cover? Because this cover is just too lazy. Had to Google her because I thought it was a country singer (got her confused with Miranda). Also, agreed about Kudacki!! She’s not doing this magazine any favors. That said, they must be selling these gray covers because they’ve been doing it for well over 3 years now!”

“Can they stop with Paola Kudacki and her drab, gray, dull, and boring photography?” echoed an unforgiving A.D.C.

US Elle July 2017 : Kate McKinnon by Paola Kudacki


Guess you’ll either love or loathe ELLE‘s latest. Await more from the issue and add your own two cents here.