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Christian Dior’s Fall 2017 Campaign Features ‘Bored Models’ Wearing ‘Boring Clothes’

Maria Grazia Chiuri can’t catch a break from our opinionated forum members when it comes to showing off her talents at Christian Dior. The creative director’s debut advertising campaign for the iconic French fashion house failed to make a splash for Spring 2017 and Jennifer Lawrence‘s current campaign for the brand was deemed boring. Now, as we take a peek at Dior’s campaign for the upcoming Fall 2017 season, our forums aren’t exactly thrilled. No doubt photographed by Brigitte Lacombe again, Dior switches up the casting by adding models Adwoa Aboah and Jing Wen to pose alongside Ruth Bell, who starred in last season’s campaign with sister May Bell.

Christian Dior F/W 2017.18 : Adwoa Aboah, Ruth Bell & Jing Wen


Our forum members didn’t hold back their opinions. “Depressing, boring, uninspiring, flat. Nothing’s happening here,” said a disapproving Valentine27 the moment the first campaign image dropped.

“They all look so bored. Why would any woman want to buy Dior with those three staring back at them?” asked a startled mepps.

“Did they literally just shoot this after the show?” RedSmokeRise quizzed.

Sixtdaily agreed, saying, “This is depressing. Are they even trying at this point? They should ask Charlotte Wales to shoot their campaigns, it would be a lot better.”

“In a few seasons, Dior will actually die of boredom. They’re trying real hard to accomplish this,” laughed Vitamine W.

“Literally could fall asleep looking at it. I hate pretty much everything about Chiuri’s Dior, especially these campaigns. They don’t even look like they have tried to make an effort. Awful,” added 333101.

Apple couldn’t have agreed more. “Super happy for Jing and very nice to see Adwoa, however the campaign is terrible. I mean there is nothing going on! The clothes and models look so boring and bored. It’s such a wasted opportunity,” he wrote.

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