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Vogue Japan’s Latest Cover Featuring 67 Models Proves More Isn’t Always More

We’ve called out many magazines over the years for their questionable covers, but Vogue Japan’s latest takes the cake. The magazine kick-started 2017 on a high with a jaw-dropping Anna Ewers cover and has been riding a wave of success — until now. For August 2017, Vogue Japan and photographers Luca & Alessandro Morelli decided to photograph the majority of the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 runway cast — 67 individuals to be exact — while rendering our forum members almost speechless.

Vogue Japan August 2017 by Luca & Alessandro Morelli


Forum members couldn’t believe their eyes. “I know we say this word all the time but, MESS!” declared a dumbfounded RedSmokeRise.

“A new low,” stated guimon in horror.

“I love that they put Lisa Rinna in there! That’s my favorite part. She’s the first Real Housewife with a Vogue cover, no? This is absolutely ridiculous in many ways, it’s actually quite hard to look at, the more you study it the worse it becomes!” voided magsaddict.

Also shaking their head in disbelief was GivenchyHomme. “This is so bad that you just have to step back and have a good chuckle,” he commented.

“This is ridiculous,” proclaimed kewkaw.

“Worst cover in history! What a tragedy!” cried Style Savvy.

Benn98 agreed, saying, “This is too comical to regard! Easily the worst cover I’ve seen yet, and I’ve certainly come across quite a few in my lifetime. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna Dello Russo pitched this! It reeks of her tackiness.”

“This is probably the worst cover I’ve ever seen. Even Vogue Paris Collections covers are better than this. Someone should take the camera away from these brothers. They’re no photographers and someone should fire Anna Dello Russo. She’s ruining what was once a great Vogue,” fumed a frustrated anlabe32.

“The only question I have now is: Where’s Waldo?” asked Ivanovaju.

Better luck next month Vogue Japan. Await the content of the issue and add your own two cents here.