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Bella Hadid Is Ravishing in Red on InStyle’s Vibrant August Cover

Laura Brown continues to do wonderful things with InStyle. She only officially took over the fashion glossy with the March issue and has already gathered the likes of Amy Schumer, Victoria Beckham, Karlie Kloss and Nicole Kidman to pose as cover stars. Now, for August 2017, Bella Hadid (currently one of fashion’s most in-demand of faces) is captured on location in the French countryside by photographer Kacper Kasprzyk.

US InStyle August 2017 : Bella Hadid by Kacper Kasprzyk


The cover seemed to leave our forum members pleasantly surprised. “Interesting to see the second model cover in mere months. It’s literally only the Instagirls who get the mainstream covers. No brainer, of course, but hopefully it will lead to fewer celebs for InStyle. I don’t think the dress works for such an asymmetrical pose, and her leg looks prosthetic. Other than that it’s a perfect cover for InStyle,” commented Benn98.

“Weird to see Laura’s repositioning of InStyle to include models. Of all magazines, its concept since inception has been very strictly celebrities, so it’s interesting to think they’ve put more models on the cover this year than Vogue,” pointed out magsaddict.

Miss Dalloway added, “Out of all Instagirls, Bella can be the most appealing cover star. InStyle might be super cheap (that paper is horrible) and commercial, but what they do, they do well.”

Happycanadian liked what he saw too: “This is a really big cover for Bella. InStyle‘s audience is MASSIVE. I think it’s beautiful!”

“She looks great! I really like what Laura Brown is doing with InStyle. I wasn’t so sure at first, but now I’m definitely enjoying her vision for this mag!” approved Handbag Queen.

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