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Miss Piggy Outshines Hailey Baldwin on the Cover of Love Magazine

Leave it to Love Magazine to tap all the cool kids, with Hailey Baldwin being the latest It girl to cover the biannual publication. After Kendall Jenner photographed Love‘s covers last season, Alasdair McLellan was on hand to capture Jenner’s BFF for the Fall/Winter 2017 issue (or what seems to be just the cover preview at least). British ELLE‘s current cover star is joined by none other than Miss Piggy as they huddle up on location wearing a mixture of Ronald van der Kemp and custom Miu Miu.

Our forum members weren’t impressed from the get-go. “Reaching a new low,” commented sixtdaily the second the cover dropped.

“TBH, Miss Piggy stole the cover! My eyes went in on her immediately,” wrote MON in amazement.

“If this was a solo cover for Piggy, I’d be all over it. When Miss Piggy appeared in POP in custom made Prada way back in the early 00s, I loved it. I’m not sure why. But let’s face it, she’s more interesting than anyone Love usually puts on the cover. And she’s a puppet,” laughed honeycombchild.

DutchHomme wasn’t here for the outcome either. “The last few years, Katie Grand has become predictable and boring with her casting. Without Miss Piggy this would be a snoozefest!” he ranted.

Also finding all this a tad predictable was Armani: “Miss Piggy and Kermit can have their solo covers, then I’ll give miss Katie Grand her money. But of course, she goes the Instagirl/nepotism route. Not that it’s a surprise, coming from Katie Grand.”

“Can’t they just stop printing this rubbish? What a waste of paper,” slammed an uninterested Royal-Galliano.

“Miss Piggy owns this. Hailey who?” asked mepps.

“It’s pretty sad when Miss Piggy steals the show and she’s a puppet. Hailey who?” pearlsandtwirls echoed.

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