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Grace Elizabeth and Steven Meisel Do Vintage Glamour for Vogue Italia’s Stunning July Cover

Grace Elizabeth is set to be the next big thing in modeling. V Magazine just declared her the new ‘supermodel’ to watch and she now has Steven Meisel’s seal of approval, gracing the newly-unveiled cover of Vogue Italia. As expected, our forums applauded Meisel’s contribution this month (given he no longer photographs every single cover of the magazine). For July 2017, Meisel goes retro with Grace looking like an uber-glamorous 1950s movie star caught off-duty, decked out in Louis Vuitton. The issue ushers in another ‘new look’ for the magazine, complete with a larger format, glossier paper and bold content. (Editor’s note: Grace told us back in January that the person she’d most love to work with is Steven Meisel. Mission accomplished!)

Vogue Italia July 2017 : Grace Elizabeth by Steven Meisel


Our forum members went wild over the cover. “Feels like one of those good ol’ days covers. My nostalgia makes me love, love love this! And so happy for Grace to get this!” proclaimed a delighted Miss Dalloway.

“Stunning! I’m so happy that it’s Meisel. No one does old school glamour this good. The kind of beauty we rarely see in fashion these days,” appreciated Conbothsides.

“Yes! This is the VI I know and love. I love the vintage feeling and I’m so pleased for Grace too, it has the glamour that’s been desperately lacking the last few issues,” 333101 echoed.

Also showing the cover some major love was zoom:  “Grace Elizabeth, a classic throwback American beauty turned HF muse under Meisel’s brilliant eye. She looks great. VI should have offered Steven the moon to stay in house each month but instead have to settle for when he’s available or in the mood! Love it.”

“J’adore! Very nostalgic and refreshing. This is classic Steven Meisel VI early 90s vibe. The supermodel era!” applauded Boudoir.

Guimon gave the cover a standing ovation too. “This really got me by surprise! Never thought Grace would get a cover for VI, especially OG by Meisel. That is huge! I’m happy for her, because she’s absolutely stunning, such a great model and has that ‘old supermodel’ look,” he admired.

Take a peek at the second cover for the issue and join the celebrations here.