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Nicole Kidman as You’ve Never Seen Her Before on Love Magazine’s New Cover

You can always rely on Love Magazine to deliver out-of-the-box cover concepts. Gearing up for the release of its upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 edition, the magazine released an issue teaser last month starring Hailey Baldwin and Miss Piggy. As it turns out, actress Nicole Kidman is Love‘s latest cover girl as she tries on a whole new image in a swimsuit and cowboy hat (not your average Kidman cover). Photographed by Carin Backoff, Nicole poses on location in Nashville, Tennessee while rendering our forum members almost speechless.

Love #18 F/W 2017.18 : Nicole Kidman by Carin Backoff


“Obsessed!” declared forum member magsaddict the moment the cover dropped.”It’s great to see a more casual side of Nicole, we’re so used to seeing her styled in a very regal and modest way. It’s a ballsy cover and she pulls it off effortlessly,” he stated.

“I actually like this. I’ve always enjoyed seeing celebrities, who we’re so used to looking polished and perfect, stripped back and a little gritty. Plus it’s someone who actually has earned her fame through this weird thing called talent and hard work so that’s always a plus, especially for Love,” praised lelaid.

Also quick to show their approval was maxlinden: “She’s serving game, set, and match. Love the fun concept. Nicola looks stunning!”

Dodencebt liked what he saw too. “A big, hard yes from me. I cannot remember the last time I was this surprised by an A-lister in a magazine – the covers and editorials lately are so safe and everything has to go through endless deliberation so it can be ensured that it perpetrates the myth of the perfect star. Bravo Nicole, proving once again what a risk taker you are!”

“This is the surprise of the day, and I’m here for it. It feels like a 2007 issue of POP, and I love seeing someone that generally strict in their appearance dressed down. Great team on this!” applauded youarearockstar.

“Love it. A side of her we wouldn’t have seen if she was on Vogue,” mathiaskatz pointed out.

“I will definitely buy this issue because when will we see Nicole Kidman in this kind of shoot and styling ever again? Totally loving this!” exclaimed an elated TaylorBinque.

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