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Is Karl Lagerfeld Even Trying Anymore? Cara Delevingne and Lily-Rose Depp Pose for Chanel’s Basic Fall 2017 Campaign

If you’ve spent any time on theFashionSpot forums over the past few years, you’re well aware of complaints that Karl Lagerfeld has let standards slip when it comes to Chanel ad campaigns. According to our members, he once again fails to bring his A-game to the new Fall 2017 campaign, which they deem “underwhelming” and “disappointing.” Playing it safe, Lagerfeld taps regular Chanel girls Cara Delevingne and Lily-Rose Depp, who pose against a basic white backdrop in the familiar surroundings of Karl’s photographic studio in Paris, while modeling Chanel’s space-inspired collection.

Chanel F/W 2017.18 : Cara Delevingne & Lily-Rose Depp by Karl Lagerfeld


The campaign failed to propel our forum members into another dimension. “The most depressing Chanel campaign yet! But guess what, it won’t hurt their books because people are suckers and will still buy this,” stated an underwhelmed Benn98 straight away.

“I expected more, a whole lot more. This is pitiful. Why bother with shooting a campaign if it’s going to end up looking like a basic look book?” asked a dumbfounded GivenchyHomme.

“I’ve seen basic look books looking far more exciting than this,” replied mackos.

Anlabe32 agreed, saying, “This is inexcusable. So extremely bad. Why have two socialites who do nothing for the clothes? Is it really only for the marketing? Karl needs to leave and take Carine [Roitfeld] with him, both have become insufferable. I imagined this campaign with Cara Taylor and Birgit Kos in a very futuristic setting and was so excited but deep down I just knew it would have a random socialite in it!”

Lola701 shared the same sentiments. “I’m not even disappointed. I mean, I love the collection but we can’t say that the Roitfeld/Lagerfeld collab at Chanel has produced flawless campaigns. Between the random choices of models or the more than questionable sets/photography – we kinda end up with nothing,” she pointed out.

“Completely devoid of any spark or creativity. Still, as said here, Chanel is such an institution a dud campaign will hardly affect their earnings,” stated magsaddict.

Chanel F/W 2017.18 : Cara Delevingne & Lily-Rose Depp by Karl Lagerfeld


See the campaign in full and join the debate here.