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Selena Gomez Covers InStyle’s All-Important September Issue Looking Not Quite Herself

Laura Brown’s feet are now firmly under the desk at InStyle HQ and she continues to flourish as editor-in-chief of the monthly glossy. On Brown’s watch, Nicole Kidman, Victoria BeckhamBella Hadid and Karlie Kloss have joined the ranks of InStyle cover girls. For the title’s all-important September 2017 issue, Brown went all-out, securing pop queen Selena Gomez. The “Fetish” singer — who currently boasts a staggering 124 million Instagram followers (and counting..) — is sure to bring the issue some attention. Photographed by Phil Poynter and dressed in Coach (the brand’s Fall 2017 campaign star continues to make good on her multi-million dollar contract), Gomez stuns in the flawless cover image. The key word being “flawless.”

US InStyle September 2017 : Selena Gomez by Phil Poynter


“Oh wow, they really Photoshopped her face beyond recognition,” pointed out a startled fiqary upon seeing the cover for the first time.

“Nothing can make this chick look older than 17. I just can’t get her appeal…” wrote a completely disinterested ThatDudeOverTher.

Echoing his sentiments was vogue28, who stipulated: “I don’t loathe it but Selena Gomez has certainly photographed better before (like on the cover of Vogue by Mert & Marcus). The Photoshop here is a little excessive, looks like they’ve been messing with Selena’s face shape and complexion.”

“They altered her nose completely,” observed a far from impressed liv4beauty.

Nor was MON willing to show InStyle‘s latest some love. “Seventeen magazine? This layout is tragic!” he exclaimed in horror.

“I don’t mind it. Laura knows who her reader is/who they’re becoming so I’m sure this will sell well,” reasoned forum member YourMonster.

US InStyle September 2017 : Selena Gomez by Phil Poynter


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