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Claudia Schiffer’s September 2017 Vogue Germany Cover May Be Her Worst Ever

Vogue Germany started 2017 off on a high, producing a string of mesmerizing covers. Sadly, towards the middle of the year, they let standards slip — dramatically. First came an unrecognizable Anna Ewers, followed by a trio of atrocious covers for August. Now, the German fashion bible’s done an outrageous disservice to Claudia Schiffer. Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, the cover commemorates the supermodel’s monumental 30 years in the industry. A frizzy-haired Claudia wears Valentino in the unflattering cover image. Somehow, the title botched this ostensibly fail-safe cover choice. Its September 2017 issue falls flat, with the 90s super unintentionally reminding us that Halloween is just around the corner.

Vogue Germany September 2017 : Claudia Schiffer by Giampaolo Sgura


Our forum members weren’t afraid to call out the glossy. “Horrible, from the hair, the styling, the layout…” declared a far from dazzled KateTheGreatest.

“Good grief! Terrible cover, definitely ruined by the hair. Not a way to celebrate 30 years as a supermodel. I also realized that we actually haven’t seen Claudia in a while, can’t say I missed her,” added an underwhelmed Benn98.

“Halloween came a little early this year didn’t it? My only question is: is she a bad witch or a good witch? The blonde bird’s nest on her head makes it difficult to tell,” a pitiless GivenchyHomme pointed out.

Also appalled by the unfortunate photo was apple. “What a waste of Claudia. She deserves so much better than this. Why does this magazine keep on using Sgura?” he questioned.

Miss Dalloway felt similarly: “Oh my, HUH? This is possibly the worst cover, and worst shot of Claudia I have EVER seen! How could you run that for a fu**** September cover? Sgura might have his faults, but the man can take a good shot of a beautiful woman. This must be all [Christiane] Arp!!”

“Not good. I see Cruella de Vil vibes. Honestly, the hair could have been really cool, but it looks awful here. It doesn’t go with the leather dress, and the pose is also not helping. Not to mention her expression. Sadly, a waste of Claudia!” fumed Valentine27.

“Ugh I’ve been waiting for a Claudia comeback and this is what I get? She deserves so much better. She’s probably the super that has aged the best, even better than Christy [Turlington]!! And her body is to die for so this is just wrong on so many levels,” ranted A.D.C.

Await more (if you haven’t seen enough already) from the issue and join the conversation here.