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Emma Stone’s September Cover of Marie Claire Divides Our Forums

Marie Claire has had a pretty tough 2017 (at least by our forum’s standards). The American glossy started the year on a high with two successful covers featuring Claire Danes and Scarlett Johansson. Then came an underwhelming Priyanka Chopra cover and, more recently, a shockingly over-Photoshopped Jessica Biel offering for August. Now, the magazine just dropped its big September issue starring actress Emma Stone, who graces the publication for the first time, in a western-inspired shot lensed by Greg Kadel. On the newsstand cover (below), stylist Alison Edmond opted for Emma to work head-to-toe Christian Dior.

US Marie Claire September 2017 : Emma Stone by Greg Kadel


Our forum members could’ve done without a certain something. “The hat on her is not working for me,” stated Handbag Queen upon checking the cover out for the first time.

“Oh, that hat. Oh no. Way too Richie Sambora circa 1987 for me,” Lucien122 chimed in.

“Everything here is wrong!” declared narcyza, suggesting the cover needed some major tweaking.

KINGofVERSAILLES called the cover an abomination, saying, “Especially when everyone else is trying to step up their game for September? So washed out, so Photoshopped, such try-hard styling, so much text overload.” Later adding, “I bet they’re congratulating themselves on not Photoshopping out her freckles, too!”

“It looks so heavily Photoshopped, to create a lighting effect that wasn’t quite there in person, which makes her face look quite odd? That being said it’s definitely one of the best covers in a long time. I like the composition and pose,” reasoned honeycombchild.

“I don’t hate it, I just don’t believe this particular shot of Emma Stone works for a September cover,” said vogue28. “Marie Claire would’ve been bold to have used the black and white image (below) as the cover, and when teamed with the red fonts would’ve made for an impactful September cover!”

Benn98 added, “I quite like it actually, for March not September! And without that hideous Dior hat. Personally, I find this to be yet another step forward for US Marie Claire. It’s not a studio portrait shot from the bust up, and the styling (except the hat) actually looks very muted.”

US Marie Claire September 2017 : Emma Stone by Greg Kadel


Await more from Marie Claire‘s September issue and add your own two cents here.