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Our Forums Have Major Bella Hadid Fatigue After Her Two New Covers of Vogue Arabia

September sure is looking bright for Bella Hadid, who’s set to dominate newsstands across the globe. First scoring Vogue China and ELLE Russia, Bella now appears on two new covers for Vogue Arabia, following in sister Gigi’s footsteps, who starred on the publication’s premiere issue back in March. Captured by Karl Lagerfeld, Bella serves good face and plays the role of a femme fatale wearing a black leather Fendi trench coat on cover one (below), while looking ravishing in red on the full-length cover (after the jump).

Vogue Arabia September 2017 : Bella Hadid by Karl Lagerfeld


Our forum members weren’t so sold on Bella’s latest, however. “Karl has plenty of amateur looking work under his belt but that second cover takes the cake!” critiqued A.D.C the moment the covers came to light.

“Awful!” slammed maxlinden.

“Absolutely awful. Her pose on the second cover is laughable. And she looks like a doll on the first one… can the girl convey any emotion? The design also needs a lot of work. So sick of this girl,” ranted sixtdaily.

Zposen also hated it, saying, “Truly awful, and I rarely say that. Let’s start with the wig that makes her look so much older and the styling is doing her no favors. Unlike her sister, she is able to make clothes look good but not this time.”

“Awful covers, that text placement is so bad,” said anlabe32.

“The first cover is passable, but overall this is bad from styling, to modeling, to photography. I’m not sure why they saw the need for the art direction. And Bella can slow down now, it’s getting out of hand!” wrote Benn98.

Nymphaea agreed, stating, “Not good at all. Can’t we put her on hold for a very long time?”

Vogue Arabia September 2017 : Bella Hadid by Karl Lagerfeld


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