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Bella Hadid and Jordan Barrett Huddle Together on Vogue Australia’s ‘Awful’ September Cover

Following a delightful August cover, Vogue Australia moves on from one Bella to another with its latest installment. Joining a handful of other editions of Vogue by jumping on the Bella Hadid bandwagon, the Aussie fashion title gives the (overexposed?) model the September 2017 cover alongside It boy Jordan Barrett. Photographed by Jackie Nickerson (an unusual choice of Vogue cover photographer), the pair huddles together in the great outdoors for the intimate cover image.

Already suffering from Bella Hadid fatigue, members of our forums wasted no time voicing their opinions on the cover. “This is comical at this point… I guess she will also get Mexico and Brazil. This is really bad, much worse than Vogue Arabia. It is certainly Photoshopped together and that says a lot about Vogue Australia’s team, who are willing to put together such a poor cover for the biggest fashion month of the year,” complained Zposen at once.

“Out of all the September covers she’s done, this is the worst,” declared lightblue.

“Awful!! Nothing here works, and what on earth is up with her makeup? Why? Also, why the redesign?” asked a dumbfounded Miss Dalloway.

Also unafraid to voice their gripes was t-rex, commenting, “That font is terrible, and it looks like her mascara is running under her eyes? She looks miserable!”

“The makeup and blank expression makes it look like she’s crying,” voiced forum member gunsnroses.

Armani added, “And that marks seven September covers for Bella! Happy for Jordan, not only getting a September cover but for a magazine like Vogue is huge for anyone, especially a man! Anyways, I do agree with the makeup making Bella look sad, and they look Photoshopped together. Where’s the rest of Bella’s arms?!”

“This screams some lousy cheap romantic novel cover. Awful is not even a word to describe how bad this is,” said a horrified Mody.

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